Tournament Rules

I. General Rules & RegulationsTeams warm-up opposite their benches and shoot on that basket for the first half.

A team must start the game with 5 players. Game time is forfeit time.

Players and coaches are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times, including the shaking of hands after the game. Spectators will not be allowed to harass players from the opposing team or officials.

Fighting is an automated disqualification.

II. Game Length


A game consists of two halves of 15 minutes with a continuous running clock stopping only for the following conditions:

  1. The clock will stop on all referee’s whistles during the last two minutes of each half.
  2. A referee’s whistle for injuries.
  3. A granted timeout by either team
  4. Any other delay deemed necessary by the officials (Game equipment problem, etc.)


Each team is entitled to two one-minute time outs per half. Un-used time outs do NOT carry over to the second half.

Overtime Rules:

  1. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, one additional period of 2-minutes will be played.
  2. If the score remains tied after one overtime period, a second un-timed overtime period will be played with the first team to score declared the winner.
  3. Since overtime is an extension of the second half, each team will receive one additional timeout, plus any second half timeouts not yet used. No extra timeouts are issued for the sudden death period, however; previously un-used 2nd half/overtime timeouts may be called.

III. Mercy Rule (15 points or more)

Running Clock: The clock will run under 2-minutes in the game if a team is winning by 15 or more points.

IV. Tie Breakers

Will be determined as follows:

  1. Head-to-Head
  2. Point Differential (20 point max on wins and losses)
  3. Coin Toss

*** The winning team will be awarded Cash, championship trophies, FREE entry into tournament next year & interview with The Konnected TV, Photos in The Konnected Magazine.